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Thriving Life coaching - tlc

 Academic readiness and life skills

Every student needs a little TLC"





WHAT IS Thriving Life Coaching?


Thriving Life Coaching partners with individuals interested in maximizing their academic progress and self sufficiency as they navigate school and life.   TLC has the flexibility to work with the following groups:

  • Middle School

  • High School

  • College Students

  • Young Professionals  

Thriving Life Coaching helps students with the following areas:

  • Time Management

  • Study Skills

  • Academic Readiness

  • Self Advocacy

  • Goal Setting

  • Personal/Professional Etiquette including interviewing

  • Transitions to new academic environments

The information and strategies are tailored to their development.

TLC helps individuals determine their destiny by setting goals and prioritizing their role as life long learners. Now is the time to set yourself up to “thrive” day to day, week to week, semester to semester, and year to year until you reach GRADUATION! 

This is done by meeting with you as a coach/accountability partner to assist identifying (academic or life) goals and making sure you achieve them.  The day to day tasks are what we develop.  How you manage your time and how you study are among the things TLC will help you adjust to produce academically at your fullest potential.      

Thriving Life Coaching connects with you the following ways:

  • In person (dependent on location)

  • Live video conferences via Zoom

Your initial 15 minute consultation with TLC is FREE, yes FREE! Go to the Fees page and book now!

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“The most important component of my undergraduate program was my weekly check-in with Mr. Ryder. Week after week, Mr. Ryder would ask how my classes were going and how I was adjusting to college life. He helped me work through my concerns with insight and experience that helped me make analytical choices."

Adrieannette C., Cornell University

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