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My History

I am Reginald Ryder, Founder of Thriving Life Coaching (TLC). I'm a Higher Education professional with over 30 years of experience. I have served in various student services positions at public, private colleges and have worked at private independent schools.


  •  Ball State University - Bachelor of Science Political Science

  • James Madison University - Masters of Education Counseling Psychology (College Student Personnel Admin.)


  • 2U Senior Student Success Specialist - The University of Southern California (USC) The Rossier School of Education MAT & Ed. D. Programs +

  • Northern Virginia Community College Adjunct Faculty- SDV 100 +  

  • Highland School Director of Guidance 

  • Westtown School Assistant Dean of Students

  • Cornell University Director of Multicultural Student Services

  • Allegheny College Director of Multicultural Affairs

  • Butler University Assistant Director of Admissions

  • Ball State University Admissions Counselor


+ Current roles

Published Book Summer 2020

  • Author, Passing The Baton: A Guide and Memoir of College Success

My Story

As a 1st generation college student, with the help of my parents, administrators and applying skills I learned, I figured out how to become a productive student. As an administrator, I noticed students like myself, had great ability but were not always successful. Students were slipping through the cracks. TLC's principles and skills are what I used as a undergraduate, graduate student and instilled in my children as a father. With the rising cost of education, it was important to get a return on their investment - a college degree. 

In one on one conversations, I was able to understand their situations and "coach" them from chaos to completion. Students established better habits and successfully graduated. Word of mouth spread and students sought me out, "because I made a difference." Their trust in me and individual commitment was the game changer.  I have countless success stories. 

TLC wants to reshape everyday students with the experience of school. My partnership begins with empathy for their situation.  I understand College Student Development Theory, meeting the ever changing needs of students towards adulthood.  TLC provides the proper balance of challenge and support. My years of experience are many and immense. TLC coaches students to learn from their successes and failures by developing good habits. 




"I looked into TLC’s coaching for a specific reason, and that was to impact how my child worked as an advocate for himself.  I was looking for a service that promotes accountability, assurance, & confidence through direct dialogue and that is exactly what I have received.  I believe the efforts of TLC contributed immensely to his academic progress by having him be present and accountable for what he does understand and talking through areas where he may not be as strong.  I would absolutely recommend Mr. Ryder’s services to any parent who may have concerns about their child experiencing challenges while progressing from one stage to the next.  Tremendous service!! "

High School Parent


"Don't Just Survive, Learn How To Thrive!"