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Next steps

Thriving Life Coaching is ready to partner with you and begin what I know will be a mutually productive relationship. 


  1. Have a candid discussion with your parent, student, or staff members. 

  2. Set up your 15 minute consultation via email or phone with any questions that need to be addressed. 

  3. Discuss the fee structure based on the services needed. 

  4. Confirm and register

    1. Sign up for the Initial Assessment (Individual coaching).

    2. Schedule date and arrangements for Workshops or Seminars (Organizations) 

Thriving Life Coaching is like no other.  TLC will help  determine your destiny by setting goals and priorities. With the challenge that is before you, TLC will help you develop skills and allow you to chart your own destiny. It is time for you to THRIVE not just SURVIVE! TLC will help you become proactive, not be reactive. It has helped many become successful students and productive professionals.

For organizations and schools, TLC provides workshops on college and career readiness to use in your organization with adequate support and resources. 

Your initial 15 minute consultation with TLC is FREE

Also purchase the book, Passing The Baton (Click on Book/Video/Podcasts tab at the top of the page)

Reginald Ryder, Founder

Thriving Life Coaching

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