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Thriving Life Coaching is a service designed to help your student advocate for himself/herself.  The goal is for your student to become self-sufficient and successful academically. 

TLC reinforces many of the following principles in your child:

  1. Accountability - TLC puts your student in "the driver's seat" of their life.  Your student and I will discover their skills and hold them responsible by setting appropriate benchmarks to gauge their successes and areas for growth.

  2. Excellence - You do not have to be perfect, it does require you to do your best and strive for more with each opportunity.

  3. Strong Work Ethic - Hard work is good. TLC will help them with "working smart," managing their time and priorities, increasing their productivity and efficiency.

  4. Follow Through - TLC will instill students with tools so they are able to set the bar on their academics and manage their workload to successful completion. 

  5. Self Discipline - TLC will help students approach their work with the right attitude. Success produces confidence and competence that gets replicated in their life.

  6. Decision Making - Decisions and outcomes should match. TLC will help your student make good choices and understand their choices have consequences.

  7. Poise under Pressure - Life is full of successes and  challenges. TLC will help them realize the importance of continuing or eliminating habits through a more mature lens.


Your initial 15 minute consultation with TLC is FREE

These principles put into practice will allow your student to advocate for themselves.  TLC will help your student make adjustments, not excuses, to reach their goals.

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